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Colleges and Universities

Murdoch University Dubai


  • Vision

We offer lifelong learning opportunities to fulfil dreams and achieve success, by delivering quality education to all our students, within a culture of care.

  • Mission

To extend knowledge, stimulate learning, and promote understanding, for the benefit of our global community.

  • Values

These values are an intrinsic part of the Murdoch University culture:

  1. Equity and Social Justice
  2. Global Responsibility
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  4. Sustainability

  • Themes

Focus on Quality

Murdoch will continue to build on our reputation for high quality teaching. Resources will be applied strategically towards achieving superior educational outcomes in our areas of strength.

Our People

Valuing and developing our people is essential to long term success. Our capacity to achieve our goals is dependent on our ability to attract, develop, nurture and retain high quality academic and professional staff. Working together through interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork across the University will maximise our ability to succeed.


Engagement with internal and external stakeholders, including our students, staff, alumni, industry, government and communities in which we live and work, will underpin all of our activities.

Commercial & Financial Rigour

Commercial and financial rigour will underpin the University's decision making at all levels of the organisation, and will help increase resources for pursuing strategic priorities.

Working hours

• Admissions: Saturday - Thursday: 9am to 6pm
• Student Services and IT Departement: Sunday - Thursday: 9am to 8pm